Tuesday, October 28, 2008

studio time

having some fun in the studio yesterday while making individual and group portraits of some local young and very talented musicians - these kids, 15, actually get to play with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra....great music to listen to for all still in the newsroom, and we had fun playing around after getting the more "safe" series shot...

Friday, October 24, 2008

warming up with a bit of shiraz last night, and then it struck me - hey, look, yellow and red! so, this might be one for the little project...i think the theme of this series is "don't seek and ye shall find!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i went for a walk in a small county park last Saturday....it's mostly a wild grassy area with a path cut through it...very quiet, except for when the large unleashed dog came upon me - the owner was running after it, assuring me "he's friendly" despite the growls...anyway, just out with my camera on a sunny but cool autumn afternoon, admiring the weeds and wildflowers, especially this dried up milkweed...

i noticed the other day that there is a similarity between the chix pic and the one before of the 2 leaves in the river - they both have a kind of simple play of red and pale yellow in them....i started thinking i should try to make a theme out of it, so i was keeping an eye out for that during my walk - don't think i quite found it (you know how it is when you start looking FOR something), but this might work...i have some other ideas for the project - like ketchup and french fries!

Friday, October 17, 2008

de-constructing - not!

construction season is drawing to a close...at least that's what it says on my assignment sheet...i was seriously NOT going to shoot this (why should i have all the fun? this sounds like a perfect one for the intern - i am chief for the morning, i get to say that, right? - just kidding, Jeremiah!!) i was going to shoot the work being done on the new annex to our theater, which, i guess when you think about it is really just more, um, construction.....whatever....i walked over, but no one was there....so, hmmm, go back into the office? just get in the car and get the roadwork shot? i opted for the latter...i figure i've gone this far, might as well just shoot some more!! the season is almost over, right? so, here it is, my pick of the litter

oh power tools, hammers and wet cement, how i shall miss thee!

Chix Rule!!!!!

Checked out a crazy Noah's Ark-themed display at a farm stand yesterday afternoon - animals of all kinds (2 of each, of course!) made completely of pumpkins and gourds - and on my way out, I started poking around all the little barns and sheds back there - it was a beautiful fall day yesterday, too, and as I was looking at the reflection of the sky and clouds reflected in the windows of a small old shed I noticed these chicks inside, kept all toasty by an overhead heat lamp....so, this is my little ode to the fairer of the fowl set.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

autumn falls

i followed a large group of local schoolchildren and their principal as they made a 2-mile trek through town to their school in concert with "International Walk to School Day" this morning. i cheated, leapfrogging by car to catch them at different spots, then joined the walk for the last half down to the school....we passed over the Saline River on the way, and while hiking back to my car i stopped and looked down at the red and yellow leaves that began to fall into the water...it was starting to rain, the drops making cool swirling patterns amid the reflection of the overhead power lines.....my bit of beauty for the day....i love this time of year!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the other side of my brain

i finally took some paintings (reverses on glass/ old windows) into the local art gallery the other weekend, and i've never posted any of that kind of work up here....though this wasn't intended to be be purely foto....so, since i'm showing them in one spot, thought i may as well put them up here, too!

the old married couple - he

the old married couple - she

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lake Erie

Reaching Lake Erie along the shoreline in Luna Pier involves a nice stroll through yards of seaweed, shells, and some very strange, abundant substance that looks like dark green balls and strands of felt (did i mention the nearby nuclear plant??)
....oh yeah, and it really smells!!

seagulls (are they still called seagulls if they're on a lake???) don't mind it, though