Sunday, October 11, 2009

a few from before

losin a bit of steam on the prospect of doing a full post of recent work that has gone unposted - so, instead of going thru the whole rig-a-ma-roll, i'm only posting the ones that i kind of like....especially since i don't want to waste what may be the last nice day for a while...oh the pressure - what to do, what to do! 

cheerleading camp for tots

homecoming week kick-off before the morning pep rally - 50's theme

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a walk in the woods

later yesterday afternoon, when our blustering winds died down for a while finally, i went up to a marsh preserve to take an autumn walk and have a birthday date with the lensBABY - much catch-up from the last 2 weeks, but i'm really not feelin too terribly into it at the moment, so i'm just posting this, along with perhaps of a pic of a new pumpkin species i have found this year (well, not like i'm a botanist who discovered it in the fields - i found it in the little farmer's market store, amidst their stacks of gourds, squash and other fall harvest) - some say it's ugly, but i think they look really cool - it's the ugly that makes them so interesting...
anyway, here it be, for what it's worth

the "peanut" pumpkin

hey forget about this one - while walking around at an orchard a couple weekends ago, i had to stop and ask this woman if i could take her picture - she was just too cute to pass up!