Monday, October 8, 2007

back to the Friday night lights Monroe-style...!!!
trying to fill in the gaps, or just enhance what i have so far...this is kind of a lot to post up, but, hopefully it's not too hard on the eyes....i think the first 2 pix are my favorites, but again, i welcome any input!!

little kids always seem to love playing under the bleachers - it's like their own private fortress where only they can fit - just liked the lines and symmetry of this one, and the sense of teenage style you get from the legs and feet

it's school spirit from every angle!

i really have been wanting to get something tight to add visual variety to this...perhaps one of these works? there's another one later - not so tight, but i like it too and probably couldn't use both

this little water boy was so interesting to watch - he took his job SO seriously...he'd just stand there and watch as these guys sucked down their water on the sidelines, like the most attentive waiter in the world! and you can just tell he wants to be right where they are now when he grows up

yep, another homecoming night....when the homecoming court makes its entrance onto the field, EVERYONE is a photographer!

showin' some love for the junior class float entry!!

that's all for now! thanx for lookin......

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Had a Friday night not at football and actually took up an invite to a gallery reception instead...which felt really weird and kind of guilty, but it was probably a good idea to take a break anyway (especially after the day i had!)...i'm really looking forward to going back out this Friday...felt strange not coming in Saturday and posting pix up here right away, too...but, here's something goofy i shot today -- i know it's just a cute silly kid pic, but he's just such a goof, i couldn't resist.

he just cracks me up, even moreso because he's SO over-the-top happy, and the frog just looks like the biggest grump on the planet!